The right au pair for the right Family

Host Family expenses

self match

950 €

self match
non EU-citizen

1150 €

EU citizen

1450 €

non EU-citizen

1650 €


Price includes all our service, such as:


Our service price does not include:
One-off costs
IND visa fee for non eu citizen290 €
IND visa fee for eu citizen174 €
municipality registration/ BRPfree of charge
TBC test69 €
museum year card (not obligatory)64.90 €
Dutch course online (not obligatory)from 150 €**




Monthly costs
au pair monthly allowance (obligatory)340 €
basic Dutch insurance (obligatory)105 €
extra au pair insurance (not obligatory)28 €(eu) / 37 € (non-eu)
NS weekend vrij abonnement34 €
phone10 €

Our service and guarantee

The fee for our service and guarantee varies and depends on your needs and the required legal procedure according to the nationality of au the pair. As stated in the Dutch au pair regulation, the au pair is not allowed to pay more than  € 34 for the preparations for the stay in the Netherlands, including payment to any au pair agency. Thus, the host family is charged for the costs of mediation service, screening of the candidates, assistance, and guidance throughout the whole process.

We offer mediation and matching service, which costs € 950 for EU au pairs and € 1,650  for non-Eu au pairs,  and  includes our full service, such as an interview with the family, prescreening and selecting of candidates from our exclusive database, advice of an expert during the matching process as well total support, assistance, and guidance throughout the whole process before and after au pair’s arrival to the Netherlands.  Although citizens of EU/EEA country or Switzerland do not need a residence permit to work in the Netherlands, they still need a recognized au pair agency as their sponsor.

If you have already found an au pair candidate by yourself and need assistance in order to get your au pair to the Netherlands, we offer mediation service, which costs € 1,150 This package includes an interview with the family and the au pair as well as total support, assistance, and guidance throughout the whole process before and after au pair’s arrival to the Netherlands.

If you would like to invite a Filipino au pair, who will be traveling straight from the Philippines, additional costs of € 150 will apply. This is to cover expenses for required verification of the documents and documents’ shipping costs to Filipino authorities so the au pair can be granted exit permission from the Philippines.

Visa application fee

Au pair visa application fee is € 290. It is to paid to IND and covered by the host family.

Visa fee for au pairs with European citizenship is 174.


The au pair, as well as every person who lives or works in the Netherlands, is legally obliged to have standard health insurance (basisverzekering)  to at least cover the cost of a consultation with a general practitioner, hospital treatment and prescription of medication. The basic insurance can only be arranged after the au pair has arrived in the Netherlands, registered in city council (BRP) and received her social security number (BSN). Basic health insurance costs around € 90 per month and should be covered by the host family. 

However, basic insurance can only be arranged after au pair’s arrival and it might take up to 3 weeks before the necessary registration in BRP is done. As a result, the au pair will not be insured during her travel to the Netherlands and the first weeks of stay. Therefore, we insist that our host families arrange additional insurance (special au pair insurance) for a minimum duration of 1 month. The cost of special au pair insurance varies from € 28 to € 45 per months depending on a pair’s nationality. If the host family is planning to travel a lot with the au pair during the au pair’s stay or simply would like to have extra security, we strongly recommend purchasing special au pair insurance for the whole year.

The special au pair insurance is mandatory if the host family would like to invite a Filipino au pair, who will be traveling straight from the Philippines. Due to the specific requirement of Philippines authorities, the au pair should be provided with the special au pair insurance during the whole stay in the Netherlands (€ 540).


Travel costs

The Dutch authorities do not require the host family to pay for the au pair's trip to/from the Netherlands.  Since the host family is already responsible for the service fee, insurance, and visa application fee, we do encourage our au pair candidates to bear the travel costs to the Netherlands by themselves. However, the host may cover/split the au pair’s travel expenses if the host family is willing to do so. Alternatively, the host family may reward the au pair for satisfactory work by sponsoring her/his return trip home (although it is not required).

If the host family invites  Filipino au pair, who will be traveling to the Netherlands directly from the Philippines, the host family is obliged to pay for the au pair's trip to the Netherlands due to the special requirement of the Philippine authorities. the  Ticket’s prices from the Philippines to Amsterdam start from € 500. Agency can assist you in finding/booking tickets upon request.

Au pair salary

Salary (pocket money) for au pairs in the Netherlands is € 340 per month. In addition, the au pair must be provided with free food and lodging during her stay with the host family. The au pair’s salary is stated in the Dutch au pair regulations and can not be negotiated.

Language course

Since the main goal of the au pair program is cultural exchange, au pairs are entitled to have an opportunity to learn more about Dutch culture. At the same time, the official immigration office does not provide clear information about how it should be done. Most importantly, the family must provide an opportunity the for au pair to learn about Dutch culture. Many host families assist au pairs in finding language courses and provide reimbursement for course up to € 320 per year. However, it is not mandatory as long as the host family provides alternative opportunities to learn the culture.  For example, the host family may arrange Dutch railways season tickets or museum cards for the au pair so she/he can travel and learn the culture in their free time. We recommend the host family and the au pair to discuss the possibilities and choose cultural activities which suit the au pair best.

Additional costs after arrival

Within 3 months after au pair’s arrival, au pair must undergo tuberculosis (TB) test conducted by the Municipal Health Service (in some cases the au pair can be exempted). The cost of a TB test is approx. € 40 and to be paid to Municipal Health Service.  The agency will guide throughout the formalities, connected to TB test. Also, upon request, we can  transfer and accompany the au pair for the TB test procedure (additional fee will apply).

Other costs such as costs for the au pair’s SIM card, public transportation ticket, gym membership are non-mandatory and will depend on the arrangement between the host family and the au pair. Please note: the host family is required to pay for the au pair transportation while the au pair is performing their duties (such as public transportation to/from kindergarten/school to pick up children, etc).